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As a major distributor for HDO Euroform, U.S. Lumber, Inc. carries a vast variety of building materials. Our plywoods range from pine and Douglas fir to birch and OSB, with various grades from AA to CD sides.

BBOES Plywood - Our number one selling, concrete-forming, plywood

  • 4′ x 8′ BBOES Plyform Concrete Form

  • Widely used in walls, decks, and columns

  • Face and back veneers are “B” grade, pre-oiled to reduce moisture absorption and sticking during the concrete-curing process

  • Inner veneers are cross-banded “C” grade

  • Maximum stiffness to avoid folding

  • Flat finishes to ensure easy detachment from concrete after the drying period 

Lifting Wood
Pile of forested logs

At U.S. Lumber, Inc., we supply:

  • Lumber, Plywood & Allied Supplies

  • Treated Materials

  • Metal Studs and Track

  • Sheetrock, Spackle & Tape

  • Piling & Nails

  • OSHA Scaffold Plank

  • Sewer & Lagging Lumber

  • Timbers & Mixed Hardwoods

  • Pre-Finished & Natural Plywood

  • Hardwoods, Rough & Surfaced

  • A full line of cedar products, both Rough and Surfaced

  • Dimension Lumber

  • Engineered Wood

  • Crane Mats

  • Stocking Distributor for HDO

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In addition to interior and exterior plywood, U.S. Lumber, Inc. also specializes in concrete-forming plywood.

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